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Mo-vis Multi Joystick

The Multi Joystick is a small proportional joystick, that is easily manipulated by any body part, including finger, chin, lip.

It requires significant less power and movement compared to a normal joystick and can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics to control the wheelchair functions.

Mo-vis Micro Joystick

The Micro Joystick is a very small proportional joystick that can be manipulated by e.g. a finger, chin, tongue or lip

It can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics to control the wheelchair functions. The Micro Joystick is recommended for users with muscular or neuromuscular diseases.

Mo-vis All-round Joystick

The All-round Joystick is developed for all-round use and can be utilized as a standard, chin or attendant joystick.

It is a compact version of a standard power wheelchair joystick module and can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics to control the wheelchair functions. 

Mo-vis Scoot Control

The Scoot Control is intended to support an attendant in controlling or maneuvering a power wheelchair, inside and outside.

It can be connected directly to the wheelchair electronics (R-net), to control the power wheelchair and its functions.

Mo-vis Hand warmer 

The Hand Warmer is developed to increase the comfort of the user and enhance the ability to control the input device.

The main functionality is to keep the area around the wheelchair input device warm. It is intended to be fitted on any power wheelchair with 24 V connection.

Permobil Hand Cones also available in two sizes to be used in combination with the Hand Warmer.

Permobil RAM® X-Grip® Tablet Holder

Now you can have your favorite mobile device right in front of you, whenever you need it, with RAM® X-Grip® 10″ Tablet Holder.

 Using a durable, swing-away mounting system, the holder easily attaches to the UniTrack rail of your Permobil, providing the stability and convenience you need.

Permobil RAM® X-Grip® Phone Holder

The RAM® X-Grip® Phone Holder provides a secure mount for a wide variety of smartphones, with or without a protective case.

The specialized mounting bracket allows the holder to be easily attached to the UniTrack rail on your Permobil and can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of mounting positions.

Permobil Self-Leveling Cup Holder

With its removable foam sleeve and specially designed bracket, the Self-Leveling Cup Holder can adapt to variety of drink sizes and mounting locations.

Designed to mount to the UniTrack rail under the armrest, along the seat, or on the backrest, it can also mount to the PS armrest.

Permobil Compact Joystick

Designed to provide a standard proportional force and throw in the smallest possible package, the Compact Joystick is useful for both hand and chin control. It also includes ports for remote on/off and mode function.

Permobil Original Elbow & Armrest Side Supports

The Elbow Support and Armrest Side Support are adjustable supports that help prevent your arms from sliding off the side and back of the armrest, particularly during tilt and recline and while repositioning. 


Permobil Corpus 3G Transfer Handles

The Push Handles mount to the backrest hinge and allow the wheelchair to be pushed by a caregiver (to fine tune the position of wheelchair for vehicle transport, when the power source is depleted, etc.) 

Permobil Power Elevating Legrest

Power elevating legrests allow legrest elevation and articulation, which provides leg extension while elevating.

Permobil Fixed Joystick Mount

This basic mount allows for fore-aft and rotational positioning of the joystick (within the mounting clamp). Separate part numbers appear on the order forms in order to indicate if the joystick should be mounted on the left armrest or right armrest.

Permobil UniTrack USB Charger

Keep your smartphone or tablet fully charged with the new USB Charger from Permobil. The charger provides up to 1.5A (at 5V) to effectively charge most devices.

The charger features an isolated circuit design for improved safety. By pulling power from the ICS, it prevents battery drainage when the chair is powered off. 

OMNI 2 Corpus Attachment

The new R-Net OMNI2 alternative drive interface unlocks the power of today’s advanced technologies. 

The clean two-section design features a 3.5” VGA high resolution ultra slim display and separate input component with standard USB charger port. A built-in light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness for better visibility in sunlight or low light conditions.

Permobil Dual Switches For Compact Joystick

This mount will support two switches near the compact joystick that will operate power (on/off) as well as changing wheelchair modes.

It is necessary due to poor dexterity and inability to use a standard joystick that includes these buttons.

Joystick Knob Large Ball

A larger ball attachment for the joystick makes grasp and release possible for those who cannot hold or let go of the standard cone shape of the joystick.

Joystick Knob T-Grip

The T-handle allows more gross motor movements from the elbow and shoulder to control the joystick and facilitate turns.

Joystick Knob Stick

The stick provides a long vertical extension for those who can better grasp the joystick with the entire hand or move it from the sides or back for directional control.

Joystick Knob Mushroom

The mushroom shape makes a standard joystick possible to drive for those using more gross motor movements to control the wheelchair.

The large surface makes release predictable and this handle can be positioned at the elbow, foot, or other location if access is more appropriate in these locations.

Joystick Knob Bodypoint  U-Shaped

The Joystick Knob Bodypoint U-Shaped allows more gross motor movements from the elbow and shoulder to control the joystick and facilitates turns.

Joystick Knob Softball

This large, soft attachment for the joystick makes grasp possible with the entire palm and allows release to make the wheelchair stop. This handle utilizes more gross motor movements.

Joystick Knob Chin Cup

The chin cup allows better accessibility with a slight concave surface instead of a ball or cone for driving.

Permobil Bodypoint Dome-Shaped Handle

The BodyPoint Dome Shaped handle provides larger surface area, allowing users with poor grasp and motor control to operate the joystick effectively.

Heavy Duty Joystick

The Heavy Duty (HD) Joystick is specifically designed to withstand excessive force, making it ideal for individuals who exhibit hypertonicity, spasticity, or dystonia or for users who have have a history of broken joysticks


Permobil Mini Joystick

Specifically designed for individuals with minimal range of motion and strength, the Mini Joystick is ideal for use in finger, chin and lip control applications.

Compact Joystick Lite

The Compact Joystick Lite provides a light force, reduced throw option in a compact package making it ideal for chin control applications. It also includes ports for remote on/off and mode functions.



Permobil Compact Joystick

Designed to provide a standard proportional force and throw in the smallest possible package, the Compact Joystick is useful for both hand and chin control. It also includes ports for remote on/off and mode function.

Retractable Joystick Mount

The Retractable Joystick Mount pivots both medially and laterally, allowing an attached joystick to be rotated to the inner or outer edge of the armrest. This ensures better access to tables, easier transfers and more protection during wheelchair transport. 

Permobil Bodypoint Hip Belt

The padded hip belt provides safety, stability and the additional padding promotes improved tolerance and compliance (especially for individuals with abnormal muscle tone.) BodyPoint Hip Belts available with Push-Button or Rehab Latch Buckle (aka “Airplane Latch”).

Headrest Original

It may be the standard Corpus 3G headrest, but in this case, standard is comfortable. Multiple adjustment handles allow the height and angle of the headrest to be precisely position for the user.

Permobil UT AMP. Support Pad

These pads are rounded in order to properly support a residual limb. The included mounting hardware is multi-adjustable and can accommodate any contracture angle.

Permobil Haims Harness

The Haimes Harness Mount Kit for Alternative Proportional Joysticks allows the joystick to be mounted on a Haims Harness.

This system positions the joystick around the neck/chest allowing it to remain with the client at all times. It can be removed for transfers or other activities of daily living. (ADL).

Permobil Crutch Holder

This allows a client to carry crutches or similar assistive device with their wheelchair.

Typically, a user will use crutches to assist with transfers, but relies on the power wheelchair for functional mobility. However, it is necessary that the crutches are accessible to the client for use with transfers.

Bodypoint Chest Harness

Stabilizing lower panel limits stretching and riding up. The lower quick-release swivel buckles self-adjust to the line of tension for proper fit and placement. 

Attaches to rear of backrest with quick release buckle and rear pull tension adjustment. Embrace back cushion has been optimized to work with the Body Point chest harness by integrating strap guides.

Permobil Oxygen Bottle Holder

Available with different sets of mounting hardware for the Corpus 3G and PS seating systems, the oxygen holder can accommodate a standard oxygen cylinder on the backrest, allowing users to travel with supplemental oxygen for respiration.

Permobil Egg Switch For Head Array

The Stealth Egg Switch provides a versatile, easy to operate switch input. Its simple mounting bracket and conventional 3.5 mm jack connector allow the switch to be used with the Permobil Total Control Head Array, the Omni display and a variety of other alternative drive systems.

Available in black – additional colors may be provided as a customization.

Bodypoint Monoflex Chest Support

This is required for anterior trunk support and postural stability due to lack of trunk control.


Permobil Corpus 3G Push Handles

The Push Handles mount to the backrest hinge and allow the wheelchair to be pushed by a caregiver (to fine tune the position of wheelchair for vehicle transport, when the power source is depleted, etc.)

For configurations with a low 20″ backrest, the push handles can provide a place to hook the elbow to provide pressure relief, stability and promote safe forward or lateral reach.

Permobil Adjustable Height Panel Bracket

The Adjustable Height Panel Bracket is a 2-piece bracket assembly that mounts to the UniTrack rail and enables the drive control and ICS switchbox to be positioned at a lower height to better support your needs, while preserving all the functionality of the Retractable Joystick Mount.

The Adjustable Height Panel Bracket provides 45 mm of height adjustment below the armrest, plus 25 degrees of rotation for precise positioning to help you maintain control and independence.

Luggage Carrier with Tail Lights

Luggage Carrier with Tail Lights will provide the ultimate storage solution for your M or F-Series power wheelchair. Re-designed with a more compact shell and smooth interior creating more storage space while minimizing overall length.

The Essentials Carrier is perfect for carrying your Permobil VoltPro charger, manuals and extra supplies you may need on your journey.

Permobil Adjustable Tray

An upper extremity support surface and functional tray that easily integrates with Permobil armrests and accessories.

Whether you need a tray to support your arms, laptop, cell phone or mocha caramel latte the new Permobil adjustable tray has you covered. Now available on Corpus, Corpus VS, M1, PS JR and MX configurations.

Permobil Armrest Pouch

Soft canvas pouch provides additional on-chair storage option. Mounts to the outside of the armrest and features a Velcro upper flap to protect contents.

Permobil UT Calf Support

The calf supports are angle and height adjustable pads that attach to the legrests. These padded calf supports are necessary to support the lower legs when the leg is elevated, or to keep feet from falling behind the footplates when in the neutral seated position.

Calf supports are especially important when using a tilt-in-space power seating system and/or power articulating elevating legrests. 

Seatbelt self adjusting

A pelvic positioning belt is necessary to provide appropriate and stable pelvic positioning in the seat. When properly placed, it controls the pelvis and provides safety and stability for the wheelchair user. 

The retractable belt has a button which will allow the pelvic belt to retract like a car seat belt to keep straps from falling to the side, getting caught under the seat or tires, and will stay within reach for independent operation.


Permobil Battery & Permobil VoltPro Charger

The new Permobil battery and Permobil VoltPro charger work together to provide you with up to 25% greater driving distance, reduced charging times and longer battery life.

Permobil batteries are valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries with a gelled electrolyte and an absorbed glass mat (AGM) separator.

The new Permobil VoltPro charger delivers a unique charging profile that modulates voltage and current to completely and efficiently charge Permobil batteries. 

Permobil Headrest w/Link Hardware

Available in three widths, 18, 25 and 34cm, the new headrest pads feature a dual layer foam for exceptional comfort. The foam is covered in waterproof stretch fabric that is cut for a clean, tailored look.

The sides of the headrest pads can be shaped for lateral support, and a series of holes along the outer back edge provide attachment points for future headrest controls and supports.


Permobil Direct Backrest Adapter

The Direct Backrest Frame is a specialized aftermarket backrest frame designed to mount Jay 3, Matrx Elite and Varilite Icon backrests ranging in width from 14″ to 20″.

After removing the hardware that typically comes with each backrest, the frame hardware is able to mount directly to the backrest. Slotted mounting brackets and 1″ UniTrack linkage disks provide a close, adjustable mount that maximizes seat depth.

Panel Holder Swing Away 

A Panel Holder Swing Away allows the joystick to swing in or out at any angle to allow closer access to tables, desks, and counters. It also can facilitate forward transfers by safely moving out to the side.

The joystick can also be placed at any angle for appropriate hand access.



College Table

The Small Upper Extremity Support measures 10” wide x 10” deep and can be mounted on the right or left armrest. Its size and adjustability make it great for supporting a phone, tablet or book or serving as a work surface for writing.

The tray is also light weight, making it easy to get on and off the chair.

Joystick Attendent R-Net Speed/Mode

The RNet attendant joystick is designed to allow a caregiver or companion control of the power wheelchair. 

Joystick R-Net Color Display

The Joystick R-Net Color Display (CJSM) unlocks the power of Bluetooth® wireless technology by allowing you to connect and control up to 4 supported devices. All connected devices are listed in the universal Bluetooth mode and connected-device switching is possible without unpairing. 

Permobil Backpack 

Permobil Backpack is a hard shell carry all with lots of room for essential items. Dual zippered closure of the main compartment.

Bag hooks

Bag hooks can be added to attach your own shopping bag or backpack. The hard case Permobil backpack with zipper has loops to attach it to the bag hooks.​ Bag hooks position can be limited by other accessories/option.

Mud Guard

This accessory will do the job as the description says. It is a mud guard that can help protect the user from dirt and water splashing up when driving in wet and muddy conditions. 

R-NET Locking Key

To lock your chair, insert the plug into the charger socket and remove it. The chair can also be locked with a joystick key combination.