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Power Assist Devices

SmartDrive power assist is proven to reduce pushing by 80% which allows manual wheelchair users to do more with their mobility. Since 2012, this motorized power assist solution has helped individuals to maintain their independence, keep up with their active lifestyles, and reduce the risks of repetitive strain injuries associated with wheelchair propulsion. SmartDrive, with the PushTracker E2 gesture-activated smartwatch and SwitchControl button option, is a revolutionary power assist device that works on virtually any manual wheelchair on the market.

SmartDrive MX2+

The SmartDrive MX2+ is the lightest rear mounted power assist device available for seamless integration.

  • SmartDrive control methods make it easier than ever to achieve fewer pushes. With just one button, tap or gesture to get the extra boost when and where you need it.
  • The OmniWheel design allows SmartDrive to start from any position maintaining optimal traction and maneuverabilit.

SmartDrive PushTracker E3

The PushTracker E3 is a smart wearable that makes using your SmartDrive even easier, with gesture-activated controls and activity tracking technology.

  • Comes pre-configured and shows distance travelled & battery life tracking.
  • Touch screen technology makes the SmartDrive as flexible, accessible and convenient as possible.
  • 8x more reliable Bluetooth® connection with tap gestures.

SmartDrive MX2+ App

SmartDrive MX2+ is now compatible with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch!

SmartDrive SwitchControl

SwitchControl is a programmable button for controlling the SmartDrive.

  • With the push of a button SmartDrive can be engaged for a momentary burst of power or activated in latched mode for consistent power over extended distances.
  • SwitchControl can be used in combination with PushTracker E3, the original PushTracker or by itself.
  • Comes standard with the SmartDrive MX2+.

SmartDrive SpeedControl Dial

SpeedControl Dial allows users to start, stop, and adjust their speeds by simply rotating the dial forwards or backwards

  • It is wired and is powered directly by the SmartDrive unit, so there is no need to charge two devices, and setup takes less than 5 minutes.

SmartDrive PushTracker App

The PushTracker app produces and delivers activity statistics designed to promote optimal health for the manual wheelchair user. 

  • Track distance, pushes and coast time in order to increase coast time and decrease pushes with remaining or increased distance.


Mototronik is a front-wheel electric drive device that transforms a wheelchair in a few seconds into an agile and dynamic vehicle. 

Available in two versions:

  • 12” wheel with standard motor, suitable for urban driving
  • 14” wheel with high power motor, suitable for challenging terrain and a smoother ride.