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Individualised for you

We offer advanced assistive solutions for every individual, for all ages, sizes, needs, and abilities. You should always be empowered to move in comfort and in style. Over Permobil’s 55 years of innovating, we have created thousands of adaptations to our power wheelchairs, bespoke to individuals needs. And based on this experience, we have now developed a range of standard adaptations to make individualizing a chair easier than ever. Our dedicated customization team in Timra, Sweden are still committed to engineering bespoke solutions. So if you’re requirements aren’t met through our standard offerings, please contact your local Permobil representative to discuss.

Chest Support Roll

The roll shape of this chest support gives a softer feeling for comfort compared to the standard slim, flat design.

  •  Choose from either skai (leatherette) or mesh fabric.
  •  Available in three widths; 340mm, 390mm or 440mm.

Powered Armrest

A powered armrest which allows you to easily flip-up the armrest when transferring into the chair, and can either be on the left or the right side.

  • If controlled by buttons, it will require Piko buttons.
  • Choose from single left, single right or dual.

Seperate Powered Legrest

An adaptation to give you the ability to individually adjust the left and right legrest with power control.

  • Choose from either joystick, buttons or switch box as your control option.

Powered Footplate

A powered footplate which allows you to easily flip-up either one footplate (left or right) or both simultaneously controlled via the joystick of buttons.

  • If controlled by buttons, this will require Piko buttons.

Table Locking Pin

A locking pin to secure the swing-away table when the table is down, and the wheelchair is moving.

  •  Available as mounted or not mounted.

Swing-away Legrest

A swing-away legrest for easy transfer in and out of the wheelchair, which can be easily detached without the need for tools.

  •  Select from either left or right leg rest, or dual.

Extended Knee Support

An adaptation to extend the range of the knee support in height or in depth.

  •  Available as +50mm in depth or height, +100mm in depth or height.

Gel Knee Support

An alternative to the standard foam knee support, this replaces with a gel insert for more comfort whilst holding its shape.

Rear View Camera

A rear view camera for additional safety when maneuvering in your power wheelchair.

  • The display is mounted onto either the left or right armrest with Permofix.

Coloured Piko Buttons

A robust button available in a choice of three bright colours.

  • Can be used to control different power functions of your choice.
  • Pick from red, yellow or blue.

Rain Cover for Joystick

A rain cover for the joystick to protect it from the elements.

Hydrographic Colour Kit

Individualise your power wheelchair with our range of Hydrographic colour kits to present your personality.

Available in a choice of water lily or carbon fibre.

Transportation tray

This transportation tray makes it possible to carry various items on the wheelchair.

  • It is easily detached and can be interchanged with a luggage box.
  • A strap is also included. Max load 15kg.